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That means you can trust the extensive effort, research and insight is all aimed at making your life just that little bit easier, not increasing the bottom line.

BBT Media’s flagship brands—SEXTECHGUIDE and 10SECOND.TECH launched in 2016— to bridge the gap between consumer technology reporting and consumer behaviour. By focusing on timely news stories, mixed with a balance of impartial reviews and thoughtful opinion pieces, BBT Media has led the way for reporting in nascent technology niches in a Safe for Work, non-sensational and non-explicit way.

As well as on our own site, you’ll see our articles, brand and reporters in many places around the web, through expert interview, article syndication and appearing at industry events.

There are an awful lot of tech news and review sites out there, but SEXTECHGUIDE was the first (and is still the biggest) to look squarely at the intersection of sex and technology. Did we mention BBT Media is totally independent too?

If you have commercial or advertising enquiries, please get in touch, BBT Media is 100% advertising and affiliate funded.

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